The HSN-501i is made in America by Pro-Tools. It has an adjustable height tube vise to permit offset notching and can notch up to 2" tube.

Tube and Pipe Notchers
Heavy Duty Industrial Notcher.
•Mounting bracket for drill press
•1/2 inch thick backing plate
•Large sealed ball bearings
•Adjustable v-block for
offset notches
•Vise Type Clamp
•1 Inch Shaft (no flex or chatter)
•CNC engraved degree markings to 60 degree
•Uses Regular Bi-Metal Hole Saws
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The HSN-501i has greater offset notching capability
HMP-200 portable hydraulic bender.
105 Tube bender.
Please note: Racetech Steel are now the suppliers of Pro-Tools Benders and notchers.

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